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Count For Zero, introduced by issachar initiative, from table 71. The focus goal is to reach all unreached people groups with the gospel, to bring the number of unreached people  groups yet to be reached, down to zero. This is and has been the goal of siirg, to complete the task,


We Seek Champions 

Who are willing to become Radical enough to reach outside the tradition and become Champions of  Impact, Indigenous Ministry Leaders, and focus on the Back Rows of the World where the Power of the Gospel is breaking new ground and bringing  the Light of the Gospel to the dark and hopeless and mostly unseen peoples.  Come, let us be your guide as we walk you through the mine fields of Indigenous Ministries to the hidden places of the world.

​​Our Passion and Purpose  / WE R 4, "Count  4 ZERO"


To reach The Least Reached Areas where the Power of the Gospel is still breaking new ground and bringing Hope to the Hopeless. 

Partnering with Formal and Non-Formal Indigenous Christian Theological Institutions, Equipping Students who are the Indigenous Church Leaders of tomorrow.

Building Relationships of Trust and Integrity between Committed Christians with Resources and these Proven and Established Stragegic Indigenous Leaders.

Planting Churches to Disciple New Converts to grow and become responsible leaders, who can then disciple others to disciple others and so grows the Indigenous Church, untill all Unengaged Peoples and Unreached Peoples are Reached with the Gospel.                

Count 4 Zero 0

Resourcing Indigenous Women Leaders, reaching women with the Gospel in these hard places where it is difficult for men to evangelize women. Encouraging women who are prisoners of their culture. There are billions of people in these difficult areas, and 50% are Women.  RVW, Ruth's Village Wells is the SIIRG Women's Ministries.


Resource Homes for the rescue of Children from Trafficking where they can experience God's love and find security, where they hear the good news of the Gospel and get a second chance at life. This also serves as a key to open an area for Church Planters to begin a work in new Villages among the Unreached Peoples.



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