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AFFILIATE MINISTRIES​: These are ministries that we have worked with and have had a Ministry Relationship for more than 15 years. These Ministries while not a part of SIIRG, have so much to offer to our Indigenous Ministries whom we serve or Church Donors who could benefit from the services of these Affiliate Ministries. 

Affiliated Indigenous Ministries are some Ministries that we have worked with and have been acquainted with for more than 15 years. 

World Thrust


WORLD THRUST: This is a ministry that comes alongside Churches and walks them through a proven and mobilizing World Missions Conference Concept. This has proven over many years to have enabled many Chuches to develop strong Missions Miinistry in their Church, engaging their Membership to Partner with World Changing Missions Groups. I had the privulege of inviting World Thurst into our Church, and had happened with many other Churches, we saw our giving and involvmente grow as a result of practicing their proven principles. Other Churches began to call our staff to come to their Churches and share what were doing an how they might become involved in this exciting Ministry.  World Thrust Prineiples and practices work. I strongly reccomend them to your Church. 




BIBLES FOR CHILDREN Providing Gods Word for the most receptive and least reached in the world.


An opportunity for Individuals and Churches and Organizations to collect gifts and offerings to be used for publishing and distributing Bibles throughout the Dark places of the world. Many of the Languages in the Least reached world are available. Think about it. Who is the most open in the Unreached Areas. Children, many times  are much more literate than other family members, and your Church can see Famlies reaced one at a time through the Children sharing the written Word with their famlies. The Holy Spirit can take and ply hearts with the Word of God. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is still breaking new ground even in hard soil.  We strongly recommend Bibles for Children. as a Strategic approach to your Missions Efforts. 


Take a closer look. Contact Bibles for Children


BTCP: Bible Training Center for Pastors

This is a great Ministry for our Indignous Ministry Leaders and their Ministries. This is one of the best and most successful Training Programs for Indigenous Ministries. This provides a solid In Depth Theological Education for a Bible Institute or Bible College Level Training for Pastors, Church Planters, and Church Leaders.  We have been involved for more than 15 Years with BTCP Leadership and watched the Success in Training and Equipping Indigenous Leadership in Many Countries in Many Languages. BTCP is a Great Program we highly recommend this Ministry. Church Conference and Associations can benefit from this also by inviting their Association Members to participate in this training for Pastors for solid Theological Training and Refresher for Senior Pastoral Staff. 

​​ ​     Ruth' Village Wells​

 Women's Ministry of SIIRG Intertnational




Ruth's Village Wells (RVW) Chapters are now Launched. We have established relationships with Indigenous Women's Ministries in several countries where we have a establised and proven working Relatioship with Indigenous Ministry Leaders for more than 15 years. We have seen the Impact that they have had on their Towns Villages and Countries. Here the Bible Women and Village Women Leaders have established strong Wormen's Ministries reaching  Women and Children in the most difficult places in the world. Now these RVW Chapters are building effective and lasting relationships with these Sisters and resourcing their needs to get the job done in these "mostly hidden places". Come explore the possibilities and join these Bold Sisters in finishing the Task in their part of the world, through Ruth's Village Wells Chapters.

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