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CHINA, Tibetan Round Table Strategy Session with Christian Leaders across Tibetan Church Network.

Picture # 1 Project 1.

Round-table meetings for Leadership Development. We now often host  “roundtable” meetings for leaders from across the churches or church networks. Such meetings have the following features:


1) Duration: 2-3 days per meeting

2) Size: 10-20 people, not beyond, in order to reduce logistic burden and security risk. Usually the attendees are grass-root leaders or network leaders (up to its content). People are usually from the region in order to save the cost. 


With the fast urbanization, many countryside villages have been suffering with loss of young adults or mid-age people. Only children and seniors are left behind at home. It has caused big social problems in countryside. Community center is a project to establish a service center in townships with Christian workers so that God's love can be demonstrated to the villagers. One community center will first serve the local school by providing extra teachers on counseling ministry. Meanwhile, the center also serves neighboring villages to the seniors or disabled people. Such centers are welcomed by local authorities.

 BUDGET Utility:  

$200 Salary for Christian workers

(2 people): $4000 Training of workers: $500

Programs for seniors and children: $500 (such as mobile Library in the Tibetan China Region                                                Total:    $5200              

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