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Indonesia. ETSI UKRIM Refurbish Campus Buildings

WANT A REAL BLESSING?   Adopt a building on this amazing campus. Where ETSI Began and led the way for UKRIM, the Christian University. The new Doctoral Student Dorm will be dedicated Oct 28th. Praise the Lord.  But ! !, The new building  is Beaiutiful.  The buildings around this campus are looking like we do with a lot of use, and a number of Earthquakes. Cracka, Plaster, Stucco, Roof Tiles, you guessed it. They need a facelift. Cracks repaired, walls repaired, Tiles replaces, Stucco refinished. Its Paint up fix up time.  The following are a list of the buildings and the cost to repair and put in good shape to be a compliment to the new Dorm being built now. So Adopt a building and invest in many more years of Impact from this Incredible  Campus. Impacting the largest Muslim Country in the World. . 


1. Auditorium - Music   Code IEU CBR 1            $8,460

2. Office Building         Code IEU CBR 2            $9,900

3. Teaching Unit I        Code IEU CBR 3            $6,250

4. Teaching Unit II       Code IEU CBR 4          $13,225

5. Teaching Unit III      Code IEU CBR 5          $10,054

6. Teaching Unit IV      Code IEU CBR 6          $13,003

7. Chapel                   Code IEU CBR 7           $12,615

8. Pasca Building         Code IEU CBR 8            $6,750

9 Koornas/SCTy Bldg   Code IEU CBR 9            $6,518

TOTAL COST ALL BLDGS ETSI/UKRIM  $86,765                   Code SEIE02-4


             MAIL TO   P.O.BOX 757, WINTER PARK, FL 32790,


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