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I attended the Annual Board meeting with
all the Branch Seminary Directors.
It Looked more like a Parliament Meeting.

Each one of the Branch ETSI Seminary
Principles gave a complete presentation on
this past years activities of his seminary,
including a power point presentation. The
support documentation each one provided
was impressive. Carlos, even you would    

have been satisfied with it. You are a
meticulous critiquer. The Report
Documentation booklets were available on
each Seminary to everyone there.


What is amazing is that I have been quoting these
Stats all these years, not knowing the depth of the information supporting the reports. This is data all these stats are drawn from. I looked at the stack of reports, and it was a couple feet high - documentation from every ETSI branch seminary, which is reduced to two pages called "ETSI Statistics".


I had no idea of the amount  of support information that each one had prepared in order to give us those figures. I am anxious for you all to see this also. I will put it into a power point or Prezi presentation. Every Presentaton is followed by a time to critique and occasionally to challenge the information by all the other ETSI Leaders, led by

Dr. Chris and Petrus Maryono and Board member Inge Handoko. Very Imressive. 





I told them what I had observed in Dr. Chris's  Vision Indonesia One, One One. Standing next  to  Dr. Goultom and Dr. Petrus, I heard  the same heartbeat. One, One, One.


 And what is amazing, sitting with all six leaders of the branch seminaries, I heard the same One, One, One heartbeat. And the Graduating Students, again, rhe same One, One, One heartbeat. 


They are engulfed in this Vision. As Priskilla, Septer Sanabuky's widow and Rose, Berti Manopo's widow said shortly after their husbands  were martyred, "Vision Indonesia One, One, One, is worth dying for. Our husbands died for it and we are willing to die for it also. (Vision Indonesia One, One, One, One Church in every One Village in One Generation.)  We discussed what happens when Dr. Chris Marantika goes home to be with the Lord. The heart Beat One, One, One, will go on.  


This is no longer one man's Vision, but I believe it began in the heart of God. He placed it in the hnads of Dr. Chris Marantika to implement. Now the ETSI legacy grows. ETSI Surabuaya Branch Seminary has started 6 other ERSI Mini-Seminaries. They have their own Board, budgets and funding. ETSI Medan started 3 mini-seminaries and has its own Board and funding. This story is repeated in the Thirty ETSI Branch Sdminaries and is continuing to reproduce this model again and again..  


Vision One, One,One  has grown into a Movement across Indonesia and has been adopted by Ministry Leaders in other countries where Dr. Chris has been invited to come and has shared what God is doing in indonesia.  At present Dr. Chris is still the Leader of the Movement.. Pray for ETSI. The Dream goes on and contines to be a formitable organization as well as organism, for now and for the future, It is well established to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders.


We Praise our Lord for this phenomonon in our day and allowing us to participate with Dr. Chris in any capacity.


Dr Frank Bailey  




Dr. Chris Marantika with Doctoral Students at Doctoral Dorm.  2013

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