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How We Do It. 

 Our goal at SIIRG is to Resource Initiatives and Projects of Indigenous Ministry Partners to help them build and/or strengthen successful, sustainable organizations that are transforming their communities for Christ in the hard places of the world. We envision  Partnerships in four phases-- 

Phase 1. Discover Strong Evangelistic Indigenous Ministries that are having a demonstrated  impact in transforming their Regions with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by God’s Grace.

Phase 2 - Vision.  To reach their Region with a strategic plan that is larger than they are, achievable and measurable, accountable,where we Pray together, Plan together, and Work together as Synergistic Partners to accomplish their Vision.

Phase 3- Resource Partnerships. Develop Impact Partnerships by linking Resource Impact Players with Indigenous Impact Ministries. To grow and broaden an Indigenous Ministries Vision and assisting them as they move from a Mission Field Ministry to a Mission Force Ministry, from a Receiving Ministry to a Resourcing Ministry.  This will enable them to become a Contributing Resource Partner helping with the training needs of others that are still Unreached in their Region. 


Phase 4- Formal Theological Education. We provide resources for proven Indigenous Formal Theological  Educational  Institutions and Non-Formal Indigenous Leadership Training for Discipleship, Church Planting and Women's Ministries. These Theological Equipping Resources are the two greatest needs today in these least reached areas of the world.