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JKPS, Ashok with Church Planters at The City Well

JKPS is a well-regarded evangelism and church planting ministry based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Workers minister to the poor, plant churches, provide literacy and Bible teaching to children and train leaders to reach people groups across West Bengal.
In recent days, JKPS workers are finding new avenues opening for ministry among the following groups of people.
Ashok Andrews leads the JKPS ministry, which serves the unreached peoples of West Bengal, India. The ministry maintains a strong focus on ministry to children and the large Muslim population around Kolkata (formerly Calcutta)
• Children: JKPS takes education where children have no access to formal schooling. Ministry to children naturally has opened doors to help mothers, families and communities. The ministry’s staff also provide adult literacy classes in nine regions.
• Muslims: As refugees from Bangladesh swell the population of West Bengal, JKPS workers have helped numerous Muslims follow Christ and established 20 jamats (small churches).
• Sex trade workers: The ministry shares the hope of Jesus with the state’s 70,000 sex workers, who are among the highest at-risk groups for HIV infection.
• Unreached peoples: JKPS’s Bible Training Institute
Ministry Summary
• Children’s work
• Church planting
• Income-generation skills • Theological education
Prayer Points
• Pray for workers as they reach West Bengal’s large Muslim population
• Pray that children will carry the good news of Jesus home and help transform entire families
• Pray that God will change the hearts of those who oppose the work of Christ

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