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Reaching India with the Gospel

Joseph Vijayam  Board Member, SIIRG


India is a land of contrasts.  From snow-capped mountains to parched deserts.  From literary giants and philosophers to illiterates.  From urban skylines with lofty skyscrapers to straw and clay huts.  From die-hard atheists to devout monks and spiritual gurus.  From male dominated patriarchal families to women being elected to the highest government office in the country.  Most people are bewildered by this strange and undefinable nation of over a billion people. 

Church and mission leaders have long grappled with the conundrum of having the church planted in the first century in Southern India (believed to be the work of Apostle Thomas) and the birth of modern missions happening in Western India (through William Carey) on one hand, while on the other hand the Christian population has not grown past single digit percentages of the overall population.  Ralph Winter of the US Center for World Missions said “India is the ultimate testing ground of the Christian faith; both the obstacles and the resources are unimaginably high.”

So, what is the response of our generation to the Great Commission as it relates to India?  How do we fulfill our God-given task of reaching every people group in India? 

There is an indigenous national ministry in India named Joshua Vision India (JVI) whose visionary, Dr. BE Vijayam, has an answer.  The key is found in a two-pronged approach.  Firstly, focus on specific unreached people groups with a long term strategic action plan that is put together after thorough research of the beliefs, culture and values of the people group.  Secondly, send a self-sustaining harvest force of tentmakers engaged in holistic development of the people among whom they are called to work.

Over the past 17 years JVI has trained 204 Master Trainers who are men and 147 Master Trainers who are women who are now working in every state across the nation of India and Nepal.  The Master Trainers in turn have trained hundreds of grassroots level workers, called Harvesters, and sent them to work among specific people groups in far flung areas that are off the beaten track.  As a result of this strategic and methodical effort of dedicated and highly committed workers across the length and breadth of India, we have begun to see a great harvest of souls representing over 600 people groups who were hitherto not reached with the Gospel!  That is more new people groups reached with the Gospel than the entire 2,000 years of church history in India.

At SIIRG we are thrilled to have a strategic, indigenous, high impact ministry partner in India through whom we can reach India with the Gospel within our own generation.  Will you join hands with us to accomplish this awesome task?

​Mary's Appeal
Seeing the need of the women to be reached with the gospel, IWILL came into being from 2001.

In India, women are less educated, oppressed in the families and in the society. The Gospel has not reached most of them due to cultural barriers.

In fact women are faithful disciples once they accept Jesus Christ. They are good in sharing the faith with others and also channels to bring the gospel into their families and people groups.

The women trained at IWILL as Master Trainers and Holistic Deveolpment Trainees have been  proved effective in bringing holistic transformation among the people groups.

It is our burden and prayer that many Ruths, Lydias and Priscillas will emerge out of IWILL to change the face of our nation.

Do join us through your prayers and support.

Mary Vijayam

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