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We work with Legends. Dr. Chris is a Legend. He is one of the most Amazing Servants of the Lord that I know.

The Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia is where Dr. Chris began implementing Vision Indonesia One, One, One. A requirement of this incredible school is that each student must plant a church of 30 baptized believers as a requirement for graduation, even with a 4.0 grade average. Dr. Chris said, “I thought we might be out of business in a couple years with this requirement, but we need Churches, so we need to produce Church Planters. God honored this and blessed us.”


To date, July 2013, ETSI students have planted 4,691 Churches. They have baptized 104,238 converts and have seen more than 268,999 people saved in the Largest Muslim Country in the World. They graduated more than 4,880 students, and these numbers continue to grow.


Oh, what does “Vision Indonesia One, One, One” mean? One Church planted in every One Village in One Generation. Amen!

Pictured: Visionaires, the Ambassadors of ETSI and UKRIM 

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