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to Rescue Trafficked Girls and At Risk Boys


(home for minor girls)Meeting in a church that needs repairs.The MAHIMA home for minor girls has been operational since May 2010. Twenty young girls and one child (2 year old boy) have been sent to our home by the government of West Bengal. All of these girls have been rescued by the police from situations of high risk and vulnerability. This program has provided a new lease of life for these young girls and little boy. This home is operating at capacity so we are praying about the possibility of setting up another home.



IWe are also praying about a home for the girls that would move out of Mahima once they turn 18.The School in the Government Home in LiluahWe thank the Lord that at least 80 girls in the government home for girls at high risk are able to attend a special school run by JKPS in the government MAHIMA Facility. These girls are able to experience care and love in a very special manner through the planting of seeds of Jesus Christ. They are also being prepared for a life once they leave the government home.​

MAHIMA HOME, “Boy’s at Risk Home”

A Dream for the Future

The envisioned goal is for the home to care for 15 boys. As a direct result of their involvement and residency at the Boys Home, these children will be given an education, the opportunity to start a career, and most importantly – the love and hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We ultimately want to offer confidence to these children and instill the reality that they can go on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and so on. The boys will graduate from the home upon the completion of the 12th grade and we wish to continue an active involvement in their college lives.

To take this one step further, it is our hope that these boys, upon graduation and moving out of the home, will become a voice of change in their local communities and go back to their families and friends to help impact their lives to the glory of Christ. We also see some of the graduates going on to become volunteers at the home itself, truly becoming part of the family. These graduates can finally become the role models that are currently lacking in this sex industry and share the Good News to inspire younger boys to follow in their footsteps.

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