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MIDDLE EAST  Womens Ministries

This ministry consists of Middle Eastern Christian Women Leaders who minister to Middle Eastern women, including prisoners. 


The women in the Islamic Regions of the Middle East have good news to share, and for those who have chosen to become believers, they share their message over and over:  “God loves you, and Jesus died for you to pay for your sin.  You can truly be free and have wonderful peace in your lives when you choose to follow Jesus.  You are loved; don’t ever forget that.”


They know this peace for themselves and are filled with joy by boldly sharing their newfound faith.


We are looking for resource partners to support the Women’s Indigenous Ministries and Initiatives and the Ruth’s Women’s Village Wells Initiative.


Total Needed:  $15,000



We are also looking for resource partners willing to be a part of the NA-Middle East and Women’s Prison Ministry Initiative.


Total Needed:  $15,000 Annually



Finally, we hope to find resource partners to support the Middle East Women’s Initiative.


Total Needed:  $18,000 Annually 



Make checks payable to SIIRG for Middle East Women’s Ministries.


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