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Neh. 4:19-20  


We are looking for Successful Christians, Businessmen, Athletes, Entertainers, Community and Government Leaders,  'Impact Players" to come walk with Giants. Think about it, to Champion these Indigenous Impact Ministry Leaders in the HOT SPOTS of the World.

SIIRG Second Half Living for SUCCESSFUL Men  
The central focus for SIIRG is to facilitate Impact Players, with Impact Ministries. To finish the Task of reaching the entire world for Jesus Christ.
God is calling successful Christian men in business, sports, entertainment and government leaders. The mission is to leverage successful careers by becoming a Resource Partner supporting the needs of Indigenous Ministries in the tough places.
The Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) has moved into High Opposition Territories or HOT Spots of the world. The Holy Spirit is calling out local, indigenous people where the Power of the Gospel is still breaking new ground. These bold ministry leaders are winning remarkable numbers of lost to Christ. They are most likely in economies that provide little to no resources to build the church body.
SIIRG believes God is calling a few good men that have been blessed with affluence and influence to partner with these indigenous ministry leaders. The need is for resources to support, train and provide for Christian leaders & facilities in these HOT Spots until they can support themselves. The strategies must by necessity be ambitious to be successful in completing the task in the hard places, "HOT SPOTS". Christian men that have been richly blessed have a responsibility to enthusiastically share their talents and resources to advance the Gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. One of the most successful Indigenous Ministry Leaders in one of the HOT SPOTS  today said it best. ""We must Pray together, Proclaim together and Pay together. Accepting their responsibility, and inviting us to share in the responsibility and joy of the successes they are experiencing as God Blesses their commitment. His advice to the Western Christians,  is this. Don't feel guilty because God has so blessed you, Praise God! And remember your Brothers in the hard spots where thier access resources are limited. 
God led King David to select his Mighty Men (1 Chron. 11:10). Jesus invested His ministry life into a dozen men, who empowered by the Holy Spirit changed the world (Matt.4:19). That same Holy Spirit is recruiting a few good men to Champion brave indigenous ministry leaders as they risk their lives to change the world for Christ in dark places.
If you are a successful Christian man looking to create significance in your life, contact SIIRG today! You will be able to work with a team of peers to change the world for Christ. The gates of hell shall not stand against the church of Jesus Christ (Matt. 16:18). You can observe from the sidelines or get in on the exciting action…the choice is always yours!! Prayerfully join the Rally of Champions (ROC)…Nehemiah 4:19-20).
SIIRG Inc. P.O. Box 757, Winter Park, FL 32790
Email   Phone (407) 705-3395
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