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Building a World Missions Strategy for Churches and Christian Organizations.
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Dr. Tom Chandler,                                                     Negotiating the Mine Field of Indigenous Missions to an Effective and Impacting Missions Vision


Dr.Tom Chandler World Missionsry to SE Asia and S. Asia working with and developing Indigenous Ministry Leadership for 25 years and coming from the backgound of Pastoring Churches both in US and Internationally, has a wealth of experience to teach your Church Staff in avoiding many costly mistakes in working with Indigenous Ministries. Let Dr. Chandler teach you the right way to Work with Indigenous Ministry Leaders. You will appreciate Dr. Chandler and will enjoy many years of Strong and Happy  Indigenous Minisdtry Relationships. 

Want to be effective with Indigenous Minisries, in places where Western Missionaire are not allowed or are marginalized. Invite this Brother to Come and be your Gude through these  potentioal Mine Field of Indigenous Missions.  

Dr. Frank Bailey,                                                                      Missions Leader Developing a World Missions Program, to Mobilize the Whole Church to Reach the Whole World


Frank Bailey as Minitry Leader for World Missions and Discipleship Evangelism, Developed a Church Missions Program, called War Room Strategies, in fact his office was called the War Room, regognizing the Church is involved in a Spirtual Warfare. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. but the Dark forces of evil. throughout the World.  We are seeing the next chapters of the Book of Acts of the Church today being written, How does yours read?  Frank can help guide you into an effective World Missions Ministry that will have an Impact for years to come.

Dr Imad Shehadeh President of JETS, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary

Submitting to Christ did not come easy to Imad, but through the perseverance of a fellow student at the University of California San Diego Imad met the Lord. Over a period of three years, Imad was discipled through study of the scriptures and witnessing. This experience planted a burden in his heart to return to the Middle East for ministry. Imad abandoned his original plans to pursue the medical field, and later enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary.

Imad traveled around the Middle East for the summer. During this time he found that the unanimous expression from churches there was the need for

trained leadership. It was then that the idea of establishing a seminary in Jordan was first conceived.  During the fifth year of struggle, they received what seemed to be the final rejection. The reply from the government said essentially, “Don’t even dream that this will happen.” So, Imad told the Lord, “if this is our idea, we don’t want it either, but if this is from you—then make it happen.” That very same week, to the glory of God,  Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) was officially registered in 1995.

In a region where 94 percent of the population is Muslim, JETS fills a crucial need for trained Arab evangelical Christian leadership. JETS is strategically located in the heart of the 10/40 window—home of the early church. Arabs to reach Arabs. 

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