JFPM Project: Women Prisoners and Human Trafficking 

 This is the project we discussed earlier in working with the JEPM ministry.  We want to come alongside this important ministry in a Middle Eastern country where there are tragic situations for many women.  Reaching out to them in simple ways, offering necessities for their survival, visiting the women in prison and those who are subjected to conditions widely defined as human trafficking can make all the difference in their lives.  Where appropriate, we arrange for educational meetings and assist in providing meals and/or housing for these “at risk” communities.  We are always looking for the opportunity to bring the gospel to them and see them come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Background Information

We have been involved for five years in caring for the thousands of prisoners in Jordan who receive no help and very few visitors.  The need is especially acute for foreign prisoners who have lacked representation; they are often in prison simply because they cannot pay a fine or purchase a ticket to their home country. 


Two other communities are also served by this project.  One group numbering in the tens of thousands consists of factory workers who have come to Jordan to work in duty-free zones where they have few rights and are often subject to abuse.  These women are usually uneducated and are at risk; many end up forced into prostitution.


The second group is maids who have run away from their employer due to abusive situations.  These women have few rights and are secure only in safe houses, which are sometimes provided by their embassies.


Outcomes Expected

We are working to provide meals and training monthly for two hundred at risk workers.  We will provide safe houses where such women can be fed, protected, and encouraged in ways, which can free them from the cycle of human trafficking.


Please consider providing a gift to encourage some of the thousands of women Jordanian prisoners in cooperation with JEPM.

Total Needed:  $23,000

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Make checks payable to SIIRG for Women Prisoners and Trafficking SJW 01

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