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We Link Resources with Needs.  SYNERGIZER 

​When God ceates a Need, He also Creates the Resource. We at SIIRG seek to then link these two together, Need with Resource and a new relationship is birthed. Synergy. 1 + 1 = 3. We then ask God to bless this reationship. we see 1 + 1 = 3 + GF (God Factor) = SYNERGIZER

Church Planting

​One of our Indigenous Ministries has a requirement to Graduate from their Seminary, Each Student must plant a church of 30 Baptized Believers as a requirement to Graduate. We help to Resource this amazing Ministry in the Largest Muslim Country in the world. You've got to see this.


Formal Theological Education

The greatest need today in the world among the Indigenous Ministries is a Solid Theological ​Education. We Partner with two of the very best. The Evangellical  Theological Seminary of Indonesia ETSI and Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary JETS. Both are equipping the next generation of Church Leaders, both are located in the Islamic World.  

Formal and    Non-Formal Leadership Training.

Training Church Leaders and Church Planters We See this is critical in both planting the Church  with support to  strengthen the communities to Enhance the successful Church planting.  God has a set of keys that He knows what it takes to open a Village, Community, Town. He furnishes the Key to the Church Planter that he needs at that time. It may be building a school, a clinic, or vocational training. Or a Water Catchment,  Buffalo or Goat. We do resource these when needed to open villages to the Gospel, then the  Gospel opens their hearts. 

Women's Leadership and Vocational Training

WOMEN REACHING WOMEN AND CHILDREN In one Country, India, a Leader said. We are a billion people, and 50% are Women and in our context men have difficulty reaching women. we call the ministry  Indian Women in the Lord's Labor. "IWILL" We train Women to reach women. Bible Women, Literacy Teachers, Micro Enterprises, Other areas, we are participating in Homes for Trafficked Girls and At Risk Boys from the Sex trade. These are Keys God gives us to open the villages, communities, and we see the Power of the Gospel open hearts of these Women and Children, This is also repeated in the Islamic World and other Cultures. in the HOT SPOTS High Opposition Territiries​

Support Christian Indigenous Childrens Ministries 

​ When God called a Family of JKPS a ministry in North India, to respond of establishing  a licensed Christian after care home for Minor Girls who are victims of extreme trauma (most of whom are victims of trafficking) they were unsure of what the future held. They launched out knowing this was a great need and they could only accomplish this with the Lord's strength. He has granted them resources to be open the Mahima Home for 25 victims of trauma to introduce them to the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ and a second chance. Now another home for Boys at Risk from the Sex trade where their mothers have been killed.


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